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GTA 6 Weapons Leaked on RDR 2 Source Code (Rumor)

An unexpected new leak has provided possible new insight into what to expect from the in-development Grand Theft Auto VI, as well as further evidence towards the game's much-rumoured 1980's setting.

GTA forum user DerekLeet recently combed through the files of Rockstar's last major release, Red Dead Redemption 2, and came away with some pretty interesting findings. Specifically, the dataminer turned up a file containing several weapons that were both way too new for a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, and also a little too old for a game like GTA V/GTA Online.

The weapons were found under the names Browning (Pistol), L1AL (Rifle), and AK47. DerekLeet argued that none of those weapons could be found in a game set as far back as Red Dead Redemption 2, and that the GTA V version of an AK47 is referred to as "W_AR_ASSAULTRIFLE" which is similar, but not exactly the same, as the AK47 found in the datamine, labeled "W_AR_AK47."

This could, of course, mean any number of things. Others have pointed out that these files have been in Red Dead Redemption 2 since launch and have only just been found, which could simply suggest that it's leftover code from earlier tests and isn't indictive of anything related to GTA VI. After all, why would Rockstar be testing weapons for the next GTA game in a 2018 video game set in the Old West?

While it might not mean anything, some users have called out the relevance of some of the weapons uncovered in the datamine. Over on Reddit, CoryLVV points out that the "L1A1 rifle was produced between 1954 - 1999 and the Browning Pistol was around during that time too. The screenshot also shows the AK-47. All weapons that were definitely used in the 80s by the cartels."

This seems like a pretty crucial link, given the prevalence of rumours that suggest GTA VI will be a brand-new game set in Vice City - one that takes place during the 1980s and heavily features the Cartel.

GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition Remastered For PS5 Trailer

In 2021, Rockstar Games is releasing an "expanded and enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Meanwhile, it's believed that it's also already hard at work on GTA 6, which is likely PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. A die hard fan has put on a trailer of GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition Remastered for PS5. 

As you can see below, the trailer gives the game a visual upgrade, and while it's far from perfect, it does provide a taste of what a remaster of the game could look like. And as you would expect, all of the major characters -- CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder, Officer Frank Tenpenny, Kendl, Cesar, and Sweet -- are all present.

While it's unlikely Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will remaster or remake GTA San Andreas, there's a good chance it, alongside a few other nostalgic entries, will be re-released on PS5 just like it, Vice City, and more were re-released on PS4 last generation. That said, for now, this hasn't been confirmed. What GTA fans can look forward to this year is an "expanded and enhanced" version of GTA 5, and who knows, maybe a GTA 6 reveal too.