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Assassin's Creed 2022 Set During The Hundred Years' War, According to an Insider

Where will the Assassin's Creed series take us next? The long-running Ubisoft franchise has taken us to so many times, centuries and places over the past years and when - the next game will whisk players off to has become a strong topic on gaming community and internet. 

One of the more prevalent rumours currently floating around is that the 2022 Assassin's Creed will deliver a medieval China setting, but a number of clues seemingly dropped by a prominent leaker point towards a different time and place entirely.

Assassin's Creed 2022 Set During The Hundred Years' War, According to an Insider

As spotted by PerformerRelevant465 on Reddit, video game YouTuber and reliable Assassin's Creed leaker xj0nathan recently dropped a new video with a number of cryptic symbols and hints for viewers to decipher as he dove into some of the more recent rumours regarding Assassin's Creed 2022.

In the video, fans spotted things like a Templar Cross and binary code that translates to 2022. Users also noticed GPS coordinates leading to Dubrovnik, Croatia and Schleswig Holstein in Germany, as well as a colour-coded clue pointing towards the blue, white, and red of the French flag.

"I managed to decipher your code," reads one comment underneath the leaker's video. "The #'s are actually colors that make the colors Blue, White and Red. With the binary code of your leak you marked 2022; the year of the next game The kind of small map is in fact the north-east of France in the Lorraine region which borders Germany and France. With the geographical coordinate, he is in Sofia, Bulgaria (place where the next game will be made)."

That's a fair bit of information to take in, but a lot of fans seem to agree it points to one specific period in history: the Hundred Years' War. This conflict was, as the name suggests, an incredibly long and brutal clash between England and France that took place across Western Europe over succession to the French throne. The whole story affair lasted from 1337 to 1453, so it would probably be more accurate to call it the 116-year war.

Although, this isn't the first time we've heard rumours of the next Assassin's Creed heading to medieval Europe. Earlier this year reports surfaced that the new game's working title is Assassin's Creed Champions, and that it'll be announced later this year and released at some point in 2022. xj0nothan had also suggested around this time that the rest of 2021 will be dedicated to Assassin's Creed Valhalla and its two major expansions, but that Ubisoft Sofia (as mentioned above) is leading development on the new game with support from other studios within the company.