New Killzone on PS5 Not Happening as Sony Retires The Official Website
New Killzone on PS5 Not Happening as Sony Retires The Official Website

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it’s retiring the official Killzone series’ website, and visitors will now be redirected to

While this hasn’t completely been ruled out just yet, this weekend’s retirement of the Killzone website might not bode well for the future of the IP. This change doesn’t affect the games’ online modes, players will no longer be able to create or manage clans in Killzone: Shadow Fall. A notice reads:

Dear visitor,

The official website for the KILLZONE franchise has retired. Going forward, visitors to will be directed to

While this change doesn’t affect the online multiplayer modes, player statistics or ranking data for KILLZONE MERCENARY and KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, it is now no longer possible to create or manage clans in KILLZONE SHADOW FALL. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you to’s many fans and visitors throughout the years for their enthusiasm and support.



This development comes a month after internet sleuths noticed that Killzone has been left out of PlayStation Studios’ official webpage. In the “Our Studios” section, Sony lists all of its first-party developers and the video games that they are known for. When it comes to Guerrilla Games, the only title listed is Horizon: Zero Dawn, and there’s no mention of Killzone anywhere – a strange omission.



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