Sony PlayStation 5 system software update fixes the issue of installed games being randomly deleted
PlayStation 5 to Stop Randomly Deleting Installed Games

If you're one of the PlayStation 5 owner who noticed that your new console is just randomly delete one of your games, then I've got some good news for you. Sony has released a new system software update, which aims to tackle that issue. 

Since the next-gen PlayStation 5 launched, some owners have reported that the new next-gen console has been seemingly randomly deleting their games. For folks who have the big chonky disc version of the console, that's really too much of an issue as you can just install from the disc again. The biggest concern there is just having to wait for any updates to download. Those with the all-digital version have luckily not been affected by this issue as it seems to just be affecting disc versions of games.

Fortunately, the latest system software update from Sony seems to have completely resolved that issue. More to that, the update also improves the systems performance and also addresses an issue that prevented the PS5 wireless controller from being charged while in rest mode. The update is live right now so PS5 owners should be able to get that downloaded and installed onto their consoles from today.

But hey, if for some reason you find that the automatic system software update gets stuck, then Sony recommends that you try restarting the update from scratch. If that doesn't work then you can follow this link to download the update files and put it onto a USB drive to install it right away.



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