Metro Exodus PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrades Coming in 2021, Metro Multiplayer and New IP in Development
Metro Exodus PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrades Coming in 2021, Metro Multiplayer and New IP in Development

Metro franchise developer 4A Games was one of the major success stories of the past decade, and it seems the studio isn’t slowing down as we head into the next generation of gaming. Today, 4A announced they are working on next-gen versions of Metro Exodus, which will be free to those who already own the game on Xbox One and PS4. Here’s what you can expect from the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions

We’re currently hard at work on bringing Metro Exodus to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 next year. While we can’t share all the details just yet, you should expect major enhancements including faster frame rate, increased resolution, reduced loading times, and stunning Ray Tracing features made possible by the new hardware. The new consoles are amazing, and will allow us to deliver visual enhancements and performance only possible on state of the art PC hardware and RTX enabled cards – until now.

4A Games have already announced they’re working on the next entry in the Metro series, but today they also confirmed the game will have a multiplayer component for the first time. It seems this multiplayer mode will be developed by the able hands at Saber Interactive, while 4A will focus on the next Metro’s single-player campaign.

Meanwhile, 4A is also hard at work on an all-new IP, which they hope will “sit alongside the Metro series.” No other hints about the new IP have been provided, but 4A confirms they now have over 150 employees over two locations, so hopefully they’ll be able to handle the rigors of becoming a multi-project studio. Expect 4A to grow further as development on both their new projects continues to heat up.



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